A Visit to Paul and Bernard

Howard Hodgkin, A Visit to Paul and Bernard, 1990, 132.5 x 144cm, oil on wood © The Estate of Howard HodgkinHoward Hodgkin
A Visit to Paul and Bernard
1990, 132.5 x 144cm
oil on wood
© The Estate of Howard Hodgkin

Notes: The title refers to Paul Hallam and Bernard Walsh, friends of the artist.

Paul and I were up in Edinburgh for Howard’s 70th birthday celebrations at Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art in 2002 and there was a reception in a marquee. All of a sudden Paul took hold of me and said “And this is Bernard” he had been talking to one of the brothers and his wife, a lovely couple, who had the painting in their living room in New Haven. A couple of years later Paul and I were in New York for a big Hodgkin exhibition at the Metropolitan and we met the couple again and they were so enamoured with us and drove us around the city.